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The Chrome Clit Awards: Because Gold Men Are Out of Touch

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Chrome Clit Awards where I vibrate with love over the best under appreciated films of the year, and I rub out the films that make me woozy with disdain.

The Chrome Clit Awards are unique in that they acknowledge woman are hiking up their skirts and making films these days. Who knows how they manage to keep their tampon strings from getting tangled up in the gears, or how they can focus on getting a good tight angle when DSW is having a sale on ahmazing boots (so cute). Whether they’ve prayed to some lesbian pagan goddess or they’re just paying regular dues to Feminazi International, woman have somehow managed to become successful filmmakers, and the Chrome Clits think that deserves some recognition.

While the Chrome Clits puts an emphasis on honoring films with women at the helm, whether they are acting, writing, directing or have accomplished the almighty trifecta, the Clits are also rooting for those lovable movie men, despite their all around dudeliness in storytelling and/or their acceptance into the Hollywood cool club. Because when the credits roll, all the Clits are thinking about is whether they enjoyed the climax, or in the case of The Master, whether the exceptional experience made up for the lack of release.

The Clits watched 64 films that were released or distributed in America in 2012 and loved half of them. Before we honor those celluloid heroes, I’d like to note the films I was not able to see, although I wanted to, so they were not in the final running.

The Clits Missed Out:
About Cherry, Cabin in the Woods, Chronicle, The Color Wheel, The Comedy, Detropia, End of Watch, Farewell My Queen, Haywire, Holy Motors, How To Survive a Plague, The Imposter, Jack and Diane, Keep the Lights On, Kid With a Bike, Klown, Last Quartet, Life of Pi, Les Mis, Little Birds, Loneliest Planet, Middle of Nowhere, Nobody Walks, On the Road, Only the Young, The Oranges, Oslo August 31st, Pink Ribbon Inc, Premium Rush, Return, Robot & Frank, Save the Date, Sister, Skyfall, Smashed, Starlet, This Is Not a Film, Where Do We Go Now?, Wreck It Ralph, Wuthering Heights, Zero Dark Thirty

Because The Clits is an alternative to The Oscars, celebrating the ignored yet brilliant films made by ladies and oddball men, I’m not spending much time talking about the films nominated for Best Picture because they are already getting mega exposure. That being said here are the top three titles that please The Clits, and tonight we should be rooting for them to win everything, but they won’t: Amour, Beasts of the Southern Wild, and Silver Linings Playbook.

Now, Without Further Ado, The Nominees, Losers & Winners!

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